Established in 2003, Divooe Zein Architects is located on the back hill of the Shuangxi Yangmingshan National Park just outside of Taipei, Taiwan. The designs of the team take on a holistic approach that considers the building, environment, perception, and other factors. The team has worked on the renovation of historical buildings, innovative design of research institute, experimental housing, hotels, and more. Since 2014, it has been exploring the use of lightweight materials, as well as the applications and potential of composite materials.


photo by 李佳曄

曾志偉 自然洋行建築圑隊主持人

Divooe Zein, the director of Divooe Zein Architects. Zein was raised up in Palau islands and studied in the international school SDA. After his practice of architecture, he established Divooe Zein Architects in Taipei and started the journey and field studies back and forth in between Bali islands in Indonesiaand Taiwan from 2003 until now. At 2014, he established siu siu– Lab of Primitive Senses in Taipei, and started the teaching work in Shih Chien University Department Of Architecture in Taiwan.

獲獎紀錄 award winning record

團隊成員 team

曾志偉/ 胡如燕/ 林凡榆/ 林念儒/ 陳莉薇/ 謝昕玫/江京諭/ 馮瑩真/ 何昕/ 彭于軒/ 高靖捷
Divooe Zein/ Jenny Hu/ Fanyu Lin/ Lulu Lin/ Olivia Chen/ Hsi Mei Hsieh/ Chiang Ching Yu/Feng Yin Chen/ Nish Ho/ Yu XuanPeng/ Justin Kao

國際合作 international cooperate

Joseph Borde - artist 紙纖維藝術家/ Keiji Ujiie - scupture artist 氏家慶二 雕塑藝術家/ Naruse Kiyoshi - artist 成瀨潔 原始燈藝匠師/ Tunas Jaya Sanur contractor Bali 峇里島營建團隊/

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