少少 – 原始感覺研究室 siu siu – LAB OF PRIMITIVE SENSES




As human beings (ourselves) are detached from civilization to access a lifestyle of scanty materials, our inner animality generated from primitive natural habitat is emancipated.

Inexplicably, we come to our instinctive senses. Siu Siu Laboratory of Primitive Senses is a workshop set to explore the environmental transition between urban space and natural forest. Materials of no practical use, such as gloss, grass, Buddha statues, flowers, fragrances, sounds, yoga, along with other existence of spirituality, are employed as a healing process to convert the digital to the analog.

The net house, a common agricultural facility in Taiwan, functions as a balancing mechanism to adjust the natural environment for the crop. The subtropical light, filtrated through the forest and the shading net made of 80% and 60% spacing, creates micro-gloss and ventilation and thus develops a proper micro-climate for working as well as living.

The net house in mountains is a liminal space. You might enjoy the solitude of total isolation, or you could expose yourself unconditionally to the environment. The relationship between man and building is stripped of monotony or hierarchy of any forms. Everything is determined by the feelings, here and now. Unpractical, ephemeral, completely incapable of coping with everyday needs, these instinctive feelings are in fact a power of healing developed by contemporary man towards certain natural relationship. It will go on, in a manner proper to primates, to the unknown.

2014 / location: Taipei, Taiwan / site area: 8,000 ㎡ / building area: 270 ㎡ / principal use: lab of primitive senses, studio, exhibition & event